As a bridge between industries and government agencies, domestic and overseas organisations, this Federation endeavours to facilitate their communication and contact and reflect and provide opinions of relevant industries. Moreover, it keeps close contact with industrial sectors of Hong Kong and assists the government in establishing correct industrial policies. It undertakes to pool industry resources, seek government support, assist industries in market and technology development and help them grow in quality and value on their way toward higher industry position in Hong Kong and worldwide.  In recent years, it has hosted many international conferences such as “International Conference on Industrial Application of Nanotechnology and Advanced Composite Materials”, and has invited the world’s top scientists to give speeches, share their research findings with Hong Kong industries and help them develop applications of new technologies; it aims at leveraging scientific development, technology applications and basic education and training to make the local industries and education circles better understand nano and improve product performance, develop innovative products, promote local nanotechnology education and enhance competitiveness. It is the only interdisciplinary and trans-industry international conference on nano and material applications held in Hong Kong. This Federation has also sponsored “Good Operation Management of Moulds and Information Technology Plan” to impart mould professionals with more knowledge about applications of advanced technologies including laser technology.


Founded in August 1997, Federation of Hong Kong Machinery and Metal Industries has in the 13 years since inception united nine chambers of commerce, comprising Hong Kong Metal Merchants Association, Hong Kong Metal Finishing Society, Hong Kong Metals Manufacturers Association, Hong Kong Plastic Machinery Association, Hong Kong Diecasting & Foundry Association (HKDFA), Hong Kong Electro-Plating Merchants Association, Hong Kong Screw & Fastener Council, Hong Kong Critical Components Manufacturers Association and Hong Kong Mould & Die Technology Association. This Federation is committed to pooling industry resources.

This Federation is willing to contact more, participate more and ask more questions and is ready to undertake, follow up and cooperate in order to steer forward together with Hong Kong industries toward a substantial and bright prospect. According to statistics in November 2010, the total number of members of the affiliated associations reached 2,225, of which about 1,500 have investment projects in the Pearl River Delta.

Chairman’s Speech

There is a Chinese Proverb saying that “If you stop rowing a boat on a river against the current, instead of moving forward, you will fall behind”. It would be a long journey up on the river against the current. Ensuring our industry stays afloat demands for continuous nutrient supply, and the inexhaustible source of nutrient supply is “innovation”.

After 30 years of reformation and opening of China’s economy, the national GDP has achieved multiple increases. However, for every one US dollar it creates, the energy consumption in China is 5.9 times larger than seven major industrial countries, 4.3 times that of the United States, and 11.5 times Japan’s consumption. By examining the latest global economic development coupled with the high debt experienced by the United States, Europe and Japan, the overall international economic situation is not promising.

And now, the dilemma faced by China includes the uneven distribution of income, as well as unbalanced development between provinces, the rise in labor, materials and environmental protection costs and the slowdown in global economic growth. Therefore, the main purpose of the China national Twelfth, Five-Year Plan is to set a new stage for the next 30 years development, in order to solve the problems left from the last thirty years of history, while formulating a plan for the future that emphasizes on the advancement of science and technology.

As a response to China’s objectives laid out in the Twelfth, Five Year Plan which calls for “helping the manufacturing industry in its transformation and upgrade” as well as reaffirming that “China’s future growth is driven by innovation”, along with HKSAR’s government’s ongoing support for the development of small and medium-size enterprises, we have decided to change the name of “Federation of Hong Kong Machinery and Metal Industries” to “Hong Kong Federation of Innovative Technologies and Manufacturing Industries Limited”.


Skill Upgrading and Opportunity Seeking

Even if the global economy did not fully recover, we should face up to it and equip ourselves. China took the lead in recovering from the global financial tsunami, so the industry should make most use of the opportunities and develop the mainland market. Our future growth lies in the auto industry, which is also the general direction of China. In view of the amazing auto sales volume, this Federation encourages all its affiliated associations to develop auto parts. Besides, we will allocate resources to assist the industry to boost the auto market and offer more information and business initiatives. At the same time, we have to conduct research on the market structure in China, learn how to open the domestic market and make intensive study on domestic sales laws and the operating and marketing structures of the industries. Besides, we will organise seminars and establish channels to reflect our views to the Central Government and the Hong Kong Government. In addition, the Federation will continue to organise international conferences on nanotechnology and advanced materials and introduce the world's leading nanotechnology experts into the industry so as to increase opportunities for the development of industries and products. Considering that there has yet been no standard definition of nanotechnology, we will endeavour to drive the Federation’s certification of NanoMark and assist the industry to standardise nanotechnologies so as to ensure more effective development of nano products, which is also in line with the development of certification testing, one of the six major industries of the government. Furthermore, in order to explore more business opportunities for the industry, we also aim to develop exhibitions. In the coming year, we will make an approach to it in the hope of hosting exhibitions, enabling members to undertake roles in the supply chain, and invigorating the metal industry. In fact, the Federation of Hong Kong Machinery and Metal Industries provide a good platform for the metal industry to make contributions to national industries by improving quality, upgrading products and enhancing competitiveness. I am convinced that our concerted efforts and firm faith are sure to bring about healthier, better and more substantial development of the industries. Let us work together and seize opportunities for post-crisis recovery.

Gathering Strength for Greater Prosperity

In 2008, the Federation organised a conference on the Labour Contract Law and reported the difficulties of the business community to the Central Government; at the same time, explained to the members the contents of the Labour Contract Law through seminars. In addition, we have reported EU’s imposition of anti-dumping duties to the Central Government and the Central Government has promised to follow up and make complaint to the World Trade Organization, which demonstrates that unity is strength. Meanwhile, in the face of uncertain trade protectionism in Europe and America and unfavourable factors such as increased costs in the mainland and implementation of new regulations and policies, we organised an investigation group to Vietnam in July 2008 to learn about the local investment environment, in an effort to find a way out. Some manufacturers have taken action and built factories there so as to diversify the risks. In addition, to boost the technological upgrading of local industries, the affiliated associations have also organised specialised activities such as industry conferences, technical exchanges and overseas investigations. Meanwhile, our members have fulfilled their social responsibilities and offered assistance to the communities in need. The magnitude-8 earthquake in China last year has resulted in serious casualties and rendered millions homeless, and the Federation raised a total of RMB1.23 million for Sichuan compatriots.


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